10-Year-Old KNX Hero Uses Money Saved Up for Disneyland Trip

With a trip to Disneyland out of the picture due to the pandemic, a 10 year-old from Glendale decided to use her hard-earned money for the trip to feed doctors and nurses, instead. 

She's our KNX Hero of the Week. 

Alique Krikorian says she was first inspired to help after watching a Hollywood comedian.

"One evening I was watching TV with my family. I saw that Kevin Hart was donating hamburgers to a local hospital," explains the pre-teen. "So, I told my dad... I can do that as well."

For months, Alique had been recycling items to raise money to take her friends on a trip to Disneyland for her birthday. But those plans were cut short by COVID-19. So, Alique took the money, about $400, to her dad. Together they decided to feed workers at Adventist Health Glendale. 

KNX 1070 NEWS handout
KNX 1070 NEWS handout

"I thought they do the most work, and they answer the phones. They save people's lives, and they try to care about everybody fairly and equally," says the 10 year-old. "So, I thought I should donate to them."   

Alique picked her favorite burger place, Mix and Match Burgers in Glendale, to purchase the meals. 

Alique's father, Shant, says on her birthday, he and the owner of Mix and Match Burgers delivered one-hundred cheese and veggie burgers, chips and drinks to the hard-working nurses and doctors. 

Shant says he couldn't be more proud of his daughter. "Her personality is always 'put others first' and 'try to help out.' And, be a role model to her friends and sister. I am very humbled, and grateful of her nice gesture to do such a thing." 

Speaking of her sister, the 10 year-old requested one last thing before we ended the interview. 

"Can I just give a shout-out?" asks Alique. 

"Yeah, of course," I respond.

"To my sister, happy 13th birthday! I love you! I hope thirteen wishes treat you well!" exclaims Alique. 

Always thinking of others. 

We are honoring Alique Krikorian as our KNX Hero of the Week! 

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