No Decision Made On Returning Students to LAUSD Campuses

L.A. Schools Superintendent Austin Beutner gave an update Monday on LAUSD campuses and in-person classes for LAUSD that begin in August.

He said in an online briefing Monday that "No decision has been made about a return to school facilities but it's reasonable to assume instruction will include an online component for most students."

He said training was needed for both students and families when it came to using devices and tools and internet at home as part of online education. 

Beutner said expectations for the new school year will include regular class schedules, attendance taken every day, daily live instruction and regular assessment of student progress. 

He said training will play an important role adding "additional time will be built into schedules for educators to plan and coordinate with each other. Work is also being done to tie it together with in-person and online instruction."

Last month, L.A. Schools Superintendent Austin Beutner said no decision has been made about reopening LAUSD campuses for in-person classes in the Los Angeles Unified School District during the COVID-19 pandemic.

School will begin Aug. 18.

There were also survey results released where about 20 percent of parents in Los Angeles said they were not ready to send their kids back to school in the fall, according to a story in the Los Angeles Times. Employees also indicated that 44 percent were ready to return, 20 percent were uncertain and 36 percent were against it, the LA Times story reported.

"In the survey, 59% of families said they were ready to send students back to a campus, 21% were uncertain and 20% were not willing," the story reported.

Beutner talked about what would need to be done in reopening.

“The only way to do this is with extensive testing and contact tracing,” Beutner said in the LA Times story. “In all of the countries — Denmark, Germany, Israel and others where students are back in school facilities — they have put in place extensive testing and contact-tracing capability.”