Rosebud Parade Featuring Homemade Virtual Floats

The Pasadena Tournament of Roses is putting on a different kind of a parade this afternoon.
The Tournament of Roses' Mandy Denaux says they're calling it the Rosebud Parade.
No, the floats in this virtual parade are not made of fresh flowers, but Denaux tells KNX they are made by families who have made some the size of a shoebox to wagons and even one made on a plastic kiddy pool.
"This is our first-ever virtual parade. We thought that families might like for something fun to do, something creative that we can do what we do on Jan. 1, which is bring joy and bring people together, we could do that now and do that virtually," Denaux said. 
The tagline for this Rosebud parade is "Happiness is Homemade" and can be seen on the Rose Parade's Facebook page at 1 p.m. PST.
The Rose Parade Facebook page writes "The Tournament of Roses, in partnership with Kidspace Museum, is proud to present the Rosebud Parade -- a first of it's kind, virtual parade, featuring more than 220 homemade floats. Celebrating the spirit of the Rose Parade, this homemade production is hosted by Mark Steines and Leeza Gibbons, and features floats made by individuals and families throughout Southern California, across the country and around the world."