Burger King

Burger King in Taiwan Reveals Chocolate Covered Whopper That Quickly Goes Viral

Fast food joints in foreign countries always seem to have the craziest food items for sale. The latest on the Burger King lineup in Taiwan is the chocolate covered Whopper, which has sent consumers into a frenzy. Read more now.
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Burger King Unveils New Store Design for a COVID-19 World

The coronavirus era is changing the way we order food, and Burger King has launched a brand-new design to show customers what they can anticipate the restaurant will look like in a COVID-19 world.
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It's National Fried Chicken Day — Crispy Deals From KFC, Popeyes and More

Here are a few awesome deals to get your crispy chicken fix for National Fried Chicken Day. With bargains from Popeyes, KFC, Burger King and more.
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Mom Group Slams Burger King Over Controversial Commercial

A mom group called One Million Moms is slamming Burger King for an ad that uses “the D-word” in its marketing. See what the group had to say about the supposed gaffe.
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Burger King Launches 'Ghost Whopper' For Halloween

It may be a trick or treat for you, but Burger King is ready for you to be spooked! The restaurant chain just announced a limited edition whopper. Boo! Are you scared? Burger King announced that their Halloween burger will be "The Ghost Whopper." the Ghost Whopper is the only burger approved by 11...
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KFC Hires RoboCop to Protect Their Secret Recipe

For when a relatively safe safe isn't safe enough
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