Florida Teen, 2 Others Arrested in Connection to Massive Twitter Hack of High-Profile Accounts

A 17-year-old Florida male, a 19-year-old British man and a 22-year-old Florida man have been arrested in connection to the widespread Twitter hack earlier this month of high-profile accounts.
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Man Arrested After Faking Death Certificate in Order to Avoid Going to Jail

According to CNN, the 25-year-old was previously charged with fourth-degree possession of stolen property in December 2018 as well as third-degree attempted grand larceny in June 2019.
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Man Used Prosthetic Face to Steal From Casinos

A Harper Woods, Mich., man is facing charges of wire fraud and identity theft after he became a master of disguise – using a prosthetic face and other disguises to allegedly steal thousands from his victims at casinos.
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Man Fatally Shot After Stabbing in Fight Over Wearing a Mask

A confrontation over a mask has led to a stabbing and a deadly shooting southwest of Lansing. According to Michigan State Police, the suspect walked in a Quality Dairy convenience store on Tuesday without a mask, and was told that he had to wear one.
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Man Charged After Swimming in Bass Pro Shop Fish Tank

If you’ve ever seen a huge indoor aquarium at a Bass Pro Shop store, you may have had a fleeting thought about hopping in. But police in Bossier City say one man’s thoughts didn’t flee — and he fled from the store soaking wet after jumping in.
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Concept image of credit card fraud scam

Artist Who Raps About Credit Card Fraud Charged With Credit Card Fraud

Detroit rapper Selfmade Kash is living a total lie and we’re shocked to find out that – get this: his cash likely isn’t self-made at all.
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