Family Finds Owl Hiding In Their Christmas Tree

A Georgia family received an early Christmas surprise one night as they were finishing dinner. Katie McBride Newman heard her daughter India exclaim “Oh my gosh!” from the living room, before bursting into tears. As Newman is a big fan of owls, her tree is adorned with them. India told her mother...
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Woman Fakes Pregnancy To Avoid Paying Baggage Fee

(100.3 Jack FM) When it comes to air travel, no one wants to pay baggage fees on top of an already expensive plane ticket. Some people go to extremes trying to avoid these fees, either by under packing, or trying to get everything they can into a carry on. While some have strange tactics to avoid...
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Man Takes Out 8 Billboards to Deliver Special Message to His Wife

( 100.3 JACK FM ) -- Sometimes it takes a grand gesture to show the proper amount of love for one’s significant other. That’s why a man in Oklahoma decided to express his love for his wife using eight billboards across Tulsa. After buying the ad space for his company, Josh Wilson decided confessing...
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30 Funny Cat Photos That'll Make You Laugh

Silly kitties! If dogs are more your thing, check out 30 Dog Photos to Make Your Day Better .
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Fire Hydrant

This Is Why You Should Never Park in Front of a Fire Hydrant

If you park in front of a fire hydrant, you're going to have a bad day. Photos of the latest example of the worst-possible scenario that can come from parking your car illegally was shared by the Anaheim Fire & Rescue Twitter account, Tuesday. The tweet showed photos of a car with its back...
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Fleetwood Mac

Watch The Viral Meme That Put Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” Back on the Charts

"Dreams" is back on the charts over 40 years after it topped Billboard's Hot 100.
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