Jennifer Aniston Had Fake 'Stalking' Instagram Before Joining

Jennifer Aniston was there for you all along. When the “Friends” star officially joined Instagram on Tuesday, she basically broke the platform with a selfie she posted with the main cast of her former hit sitcom. But it wasn't the first time she's been on Instagram. During a Wednesday appearance on...
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Instagram Dog Finds Fame By Adorably Balancing Objects on His Head

Stop posting thirsty photos, because a dog has found the right balance to become Instagram famous. An adorable dachshund named Harlso the Balancing Hound has become quite the internet celebrity for being able to balance all sorts of random objects on his head, according to People . View this post...
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Jennifer Aniston Kicks Off New Instagram Account With 'Friends' Cast Selfie

Welcome to Instagram Jennifer Aniston! The "Friends" star finally joined Instagram, and kicked off her new account with a special pic for fans of the classic sitcom. Her first post was instantly iconic: a selfie featuring the full cast of the show. View this post on Instagram And now we’re...
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Sophie Turner Takes Down Instagram Influencers in New Hilarious Post

Sophie Turner always gets us with her unexpected, occasional Instagram story videos of herself spilling the real tea. The kettle is back on, and this time, she’s taking down Instagram influencers. Turner took to Instagram to condemn a particular kind of influencer – the ones who push weight loss...
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Instagram Launches New Feature to Silence Bullies

There is a rise in cyberbullying nationwide, according to the National Center for Education Statistics . Studies from the organization show that three times as many girls are reporting being harassed online or text message than boys. Instagram has released a new in-app feature that is allowing...
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'Friends' Co-Stars Reunite for Adorable Selfie

In a case of life imitating art, cast members of "Friends" were there for each other in an adorable selfie. Over Saturday, Courteney Cox posted a photo on Instagram of her with two co-stars from the former NBC comedy, Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc. View this post on Instagram A rare night and I...
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17 Best Instagrammable Places in LA

Do it for the 'gram!
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7 Must Try Coffees in Los Angeles

In Collaboration with LAEats LAeats is serious about food, and we are equally serious about our coffee. Finding the best coffee shops, coffee roasters, and coffees to drink is one of the reasons LAEats started. About 70% of the coffees we try don't make our strict criteria, so know we only share...
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7 Must Try French Fries

In Collaberation with LAEats LAeats understands that people in Los Angeles and Southern California know and love their french fries. Since the bar is set high, we decided to share a list of our 7 MUST TRY French Fries that will get you looking for the closest option ASAP. This list of french fries...
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Mushroom Rally

Mushroom Rally is Coming to LA in March

You know that one lifelong fantasy where you get to hop into a tricked-out ride and take a spin in the magical worlds of Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64? It’s about to come true right here in Los Angeles.
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