North Carolina Man Wins Second $1 Million Lottery at the Same Store

By Reanna Hilario Sometimes we go through wishing we are lucky enough to win the lottery. They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but let’s be honest, money would solve a lot of our problems right now. In the case of North Carolina man , Terry Splawn, he won the lottery, not just once, but twice - in...
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Louisiana Man Wins Double In Lottery Jackpot Due To Printing Error

By Reanna Hilario WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER! Imagine waking up one day and finding out you won the lottery. Now imagine waking up and realizing that not only did you win, but you won double the amount. Most of us may not be so lucky, but for Louisiana man, Willie Curry, he was. Read more about...
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Did You Win Mega Millions?

One winning ticket was sold for the nearly 1.6-billion-dollar prize
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